Our team understands that relationships matter, which is why our services focus on doing the right things for our customers. Our engagements benefit from our culture of openness, collaboration, and continuous innovation which is ultimately reflected in quality of the software we develop.

We have learned while working with Startups over many years that by deploying small and lean teams, we generate greater value for our customers. We believe in the power of small teams because it keep everything simple, mobile, flexible, and productive. Simply put - small teams have tremendous curiosity to dig deeper and to find better solutions.

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Feature Rich Web Applications

As markets shift towards a much bigger focus on user experience, mobile devices, screens, and integrated gadgets will require spacial consideration when deploying new applications. Consumers and businesses have changed the way the web is consumed, and bots are becoming a part of a UX standard.

 Additionally, the increasing variety and complexity of data and the rapid adoption and ubiquity of the Internet of Things are bringing about new challenges in how to select long term technology stacks, as well as developing the right user experience.

The enterprise has an important dilemma to solve: how to modernize legacy applications in a way to quickly leverage new capabilities and seize new opportunities.

Okkralabs will help customers with rethinking the user experience, balance renovation with innovative technology stacks, and help deploy the right architecture for your product.



React, Bootstrap, Node.js, Backbone, Knockout, Ember, Angular, jQuery, JavaScript, Sencha Ext JS, Microsoft .Net


Intuitive Mobile Applications

The experience of our primary mobile screen being a bank of app icons leading to independent destinations is changing. In a world of many different screens and devices, content needs to be broken down into atomic units so that it can work agnostic of the screen size or technology platform.

App success is contingent on a combination of factors. We understand that the overall mobile user experience tops them all. The apps that stand out in the market are those that deliver great user experience.

Okkralabs helps customers through the use of techniques such as Storyboards and data-driven design reach the best possible user experience, design, and architecture for the targeted mobile devices.



Native iOS (Swift and Objective-C) and Android, Native using C# and Xamarin, Hybrid web apps with JavaScript, and Apache Cordova, Sencha Touch, and React Native.


Efficient & Scalable Cloud Platforms

For companies considering a move to into cloud computing, it's important to analyze the solution requirements in terms of the degree of service flexibility, the support of multiple constituencies, single or connected to multiple infrastructures, intelligence requirements, and whether the solution needs to integrate with existing enterprise technologies and processes. 

Okkralabs will design and architect scalable and elastic applications on the selected cloud platforms. We build complex solutions that incorporate best practices for data services, governance, scalability, highly available and secure applications.

Okkralabs places strong emphasis on application security.  As part of our design and architecture process, we identify and implement controls that prevent breaches and regulatory compliance violations. Some include strong data encryption and the implementation of unique application controls.



Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Docker, Node.js, ElasticSearch, Kong, NGINX, RabbitMQ, MongoDB, Cassandra, Redis, Hapi, Angular, Express, Django, Rails, Chef and Jenkins.