Okkralabs is boutique firm located in Silicon Valley providing specialized technology services to companies in the United States and around the world. We offer sophisticated analytical and technical capabilities for solving virtually any problem.

We believe in small teams and unlimited imagination where our professionals have the freedom to approach, own, and solve problems creatively for our customers.

We operate at high speed, adapt to constant change and work with the limited resources of startups. We roll up our sleeves and dive right into solving problems.

We also adhere and operate within the rigor and specialization required at large firms and governments.



Feature rich web applications and demands from a mobile economy is forcing businesses to incorporate new technolo-gies in order to remain com-petitive. Whether trying to deploy innovative products or integrating new technology with your legacy systems, its critical to select the software stacks that will allow your business to grow. 

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Apps are mission critical to our digital lifestyles and becoming ubiquitous in the enterprise. In today’s mobile world, user experience, pri-vacy, and information security take center stage when sele-cting technology architecture. This applies equally for enterprise and consumers products.

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Next-gen cloud computing delivers value to the business faster by automating all request to deploy and config, throughout the stack and infrastructure. Concepts such as micro-services architecture, platform flexibility, multi-tennency, plural infrastruc-ture, and intelligent platform are critical to a successful deployment.

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